Being a photographer is about visual experimentation and imagination. Imagination should separate your photography from the rest of the crowd. If your images are very similar to those from thousands of shooters, their market value will be lower than images in a microstock subscription model…  Photography only has three tools to make your images of landscapes, cathedrals, people, animals or objects look different from the rest. They are: your lens and equipment, your style and your imagination.  Wildlife photographer, Anup Shah, used imagination to make these standout animal shots.

The images are a breath of fresh air or maybe better put, a breath of fresh hyena. The wide angle view, the ground level perspective and the extreme proximity of the camera to the subject show us African wildlife as it is hard to see from a safari van (if you don´t want to risk your life). Ok, he may have used a beetle-cam of some sort to take them, but using imagination to have an unusual perspective is what differentiates one photographer from another or better still, differentiates an image from another. The compositions of the images we show here, a small selection of the great work he sent, using a stretching elephant trunk or high-stepping wildebeast legs to frame the rest of the shot, are daring and accomplished.  A final mark of Shah´s professionality can be read in the image description which includes the common and latin name for the animal, as well as the specific location of the shot.  

So the question remains, when you take your camera out on the street or into the wilderness to take photos, how much imagination do you put in your photography? How much effort do you put in your shots to make your images personal and different?  You might not be a wildlife photographer, but you should also experiment with different lens, styles, angles, perspectives and compositions.  Will your image surprise or bore a client or photo editor?  The market is full of dull, repetitive images, it craves new and surprising shots.

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Germany Rainer Hoffmann
August 13. 2010 12:37

there is no denying that these wildlife shots are great. Outstanding work of Anup Shah.

However, if your name is not "Shah" or "Lanting" or such you'll never get permission to install remote camera somewhere in a wildlife refuge. It may not be common knowledge, but we "nobodies" are not even allowed to leave the car...

Not to mention the "collateral damage" to cameras and lenses. You better be sponsored by one of the big players in the camera industry bevor embarking on a mission like that.

Greetings from Germany


Germany Rainer Hoffmann
August 13. 2010 16:57
It should read "to install remotely controlled cameras"

And yes, I perfectly understand why these pictures are the editors pick.



Spain alfonso Gutierrez
August 15. 2010 23:20
while is a known fact that in the National Parks and Game Reserves in Africa one can do only very limited number of things without hard to get permits and recomendations, in most cases for obvious reasons, I think that what it was tried to convey in this post was that photographers in all circumstances have to be more imaginative than the usual (that is no imagination and boring point and shoot style...)and not that everyone has to go to Africa to risk cameras and lenses because you can get them robbed easily in many places in this world; in the Ramblas in Barcelona, for example.

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