Who said stock photography has to be all business teams and smiling families?  Admittedly, those images are the stock photographer´s bread and butter, but it´s okay to have a little fun with fashion for stock every once in a while too.  After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...

easy top 10 Hottest Style Musts

Let yourself be inspired by these "stylin" images submitted to our easyFotostock collection.

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In case we have any faithful readers out there, we apologize to you for the delay since the last post.  Age fotostock has been seeing the world, specifically travelling to Istanbul to participate in the annual Cepic conference from May 17 till 22.  This conference generates a lot of work for us, both before and after the conference, so we haven´t been able to write in the blog.

We are pleased to report that one of the reasons that Cepic creates a growing workload for age fotostock is because age fotostock director, Alfonso Gutierrez, has been serving on the Cepic Committee and was in fact, re-elected this year to continue serving on the committee.  Alfonso is the chosen representative from the Spanish Association of Stock Agencies to represent them at European level.

Although you might not know of Cepic, it is important for stock photographers and videographers.  CEPIC stands for the Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press and Heritage, or more commonly, Center of the Picture Industry.  The goal of CEPIC is to be a united voice for the press, stock & heritage organizations of Europe in all matters pertaining to the photographic industry.  As such, CEPIC is involved in attempting to influence the decisions of the European Union in matters such as piracy, Google books, Orphan works, and collective rights management (see more here).  Policy for these matters and others is being decided at the level of the European Union, and those decisions will affect all photographers whose photography is being licensed at some place in the European Union.  That’s why age fotostock feels it is important to be involved and is glad to have a key person close to the events. 

If you are interested in learning more about the photo industry environment in this year’s Cepic conference, take a look at this reflection on the state of the photography industry by conference attendee Liz Pepper.

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Humpback whale, Megaptera novaeangliae, and diver, reaching out for a physical contact

So you consider yourself environmental?!

Partner agency Specialist Stock has passed us this information on the Environmental Photographer of the Year contest, open now for both photos and video: “The Environmental Photographer of the Year is calling for entries that deal with some of the most important challenges of our time, and this year a new video category has been introduced to further raise awareness of environmental and social issues.”

The competition will run until 31st of July 2011, with judging taking place throughout August and September. Winners receive cash prizes and all winning entries are displayed in the Environmental Photographer of the Year exhibition, launched in London.  Click here for contest details.

If you find out about other photographer competitions and opportunities, please share and we’ll spread the word.  And if you are an age fotostock photographer who has won a photo or video award, please let us know.  We’d love to brag for you!

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Gavriel Jecan, age fotostock photographer, lives quite literally between two different worlds, Seattle in the U.S. and Khon Kaen, Thailand.  Maybe it is this double residency between the "East" and the "West" what enriches his photography and allows him to create such sensitive, at times spiritual images of the places he visits.  At a time when to travel to exotic places and burn up the camera's battery with nonstop shooting has become commonplace, these quiet, glowing images of animals, people and landscapes are a breath of fresh air. 

But don´t get the wrong idea from my focus on his sensitive and spiritual imagery, Jecan also shows himself to be firmly rooted and active in contemporary business culture, promoting himself actively through Facebook, Twitter, a blog and a website.  Click the links to see how Jecan does it.  Look and learn.

Q: Choose 3 words that describe you.

A: Visual, Observant & Spontaneous.

Q: Why did you choose to be a photographer?

A: I was influenced by my father, he was an artist and he bought my first camera when I was 12 year old.  From then on, I felt the need to document and tell the stories of our weekend hikes with my family and friends and later on my climbing adventures and escapes in the wilderness.

Q: Do you have any special artistic influences?

A: I was influenced by many photographers and modern painters.

Painters that I admire who inspired me in my work : Robert Bateman (wildlife composition) Claude Monet , Georges Seurat, Vincent Van Gogh, Sally Anderson, Jackson Pollock, Romare Bearden, Mark Tobey. 

Photographers that I’ve learned from and whose work I admire: Art Wolfe (landscapes and Indigenous culture), Franz Lanting (wildlife), Galen Rowell ( Outdoors, Adventure),  Nevada Wire (Travel Photography), Jay Maisel ( Rural Photography), etc.

Q: What equipment do you carry when you’re packing light?

A: Usually I travel with two camera bodies and with these lenses: 16 to 35 mm, 50 mm, and 70 to 200 mm, plus an extension tube and strobe.

Q: Where is your favorite place to photograph?  And where are you still hoping to go?

A: Every place I am at that moment is my favorite, because every place provides a variety of subjects to photograph.  I would like to see and document West Africa and Greenland, before it melts away due to global warming.

Q: Do you plan your trips beforehand or do you make it up along the way?

A: I plan my trips few months in advance. If something unexpected happen when there, I change my planes.

Q: How do you promote yourself through social networks? (facebook, twitter, blog, etc)? Is it helpful?

A: I do use Facebook to share info about my work and latest trips with my followers and the Blog/website to promote my work. Yes, it is helpful.

Q: Why did you choose age fotostock to represent your photography?

A: I chose Age fotostock due to their efficiency in running the business, fast editing and their communication with photographers.

Q: What is the best or worst photographic advice that you have ever received?

A: Best advice was when my photographer friend Art Wolfe told me, “Wherever you are, don’t stop looking.”  And worst… too many to mention.

Q: If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be?

A: Probably an adventurer or something that could accommodate my family in it.

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That´s right, age fotostock photographers and videographers can now submit both images and video clips.

We have updated the Road Atlas with a new video info section and also instructions on how to prepare and send video.  In the new video section, you will find a lot of basic information for photographers that are just starting out in video, such as basic video terms and also tips for shooting video with a DLSR camera.  In the link on how to prepare and send video, you will find guidelines on how your material should be prepared and sent to age fotostock.  We look forward to hearing from you with your questions and concerns, and mostly, to receiving your video material!

If you missed the official communication, you can see it here:

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