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A unique collection of beautifully shot lifestyle images where the passion of the creative team for what they do is clearly imprinted upon. Featuring freshness, creativity, humour and fun, and presenting the atypical side of stock photography defined as “keeping it real” images, encapsulating small moments of human life. Perfect for clients looking for images with a twist.

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EXPRESSING EMOTIONS - Blend Images collection at age fotostock

Browse through the Blend Images collection to connect with the beauty of the everyday. Indulge in a delicately curated set of lifestyle and business images that reveals stories of our contemporary society.

Celebrate cultural diversity, appreciate humanity.

Blend Images is dedicated to celebrating diversity through photographic content that respects and embraces our human commonalities, and our cultural differences.

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Image Source collection at age fotostock - Trending lifestyle moments

Impactful and effective imagery covering people and lifestyle, amongst others, the Image Source RF collection is a necessary stop to fuel up for any advertising needs. A reputable brand with a contemporary stand.

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artlist Inc., founded in 2002, is a Japanese company specializing in animal photos, with a collection of more than 10,000 RM photos of over 70 breeds of adorable dogs and cats. Their main philosophy is "To bring fun and happiness to the world," which they achieve by carefully selecting their models based on Japan Kennel Club standards and photographing them with a professional animal cameraman.














With breeding types carefully documented in the caption & keywords, and incredibly cute photos, this collection is a complete delight. Like to see more? Click here!

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Caia Image RF is a varied collection that ranges from Business content shot in Granada & Venice, Lifestyle from New York & Los Angeles right through to cutting edge sporting imagery such as Triathlon and Formula One. Caia means "rejoice" and is brewed from a secret blend of top end production, creativity and contemporary style.














Want to see more? click here!

With over 4,000 images now available on the agefotostock website and our THP platform, and another 6,000+ images forecast for 2013, we're thrilled to be offering some of the best royalty free imagery available to the creative industry today.

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