DOMESTICUS is Latin word that translated to modern language simplifies to "of the house"; "domestic; familiar; “intimate”; “personal”; “endearing”; “affection”… environment. Photographically speaking, domesticus, also defines a category of images shot in the house showing family members in natural, personal, situations. age fotostock photographer, Emanuele Capoferri  excels in showing of the house life in nice, real, close, loving images. 

He is the perfect example of DOMESTICUS photography, Emanuele Capoferri.

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Life essentials | age fotostock

Step away from the mundane and discover the exceptional. Set your creative gears in motion, our content if food for thought.

Enjoy quality, quantity, diversity, simplicity and excellent professional editing.

age fotostock, capturing the essence of life. Stock Photography you can trust.



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Images for Covers | age fotostock

The cover of a book is an invitation to read. It is the introduction of a story. Conceptual and suggestive images present the work of the author and awaken our imaginations. Stories that captivate us, like the chilling tale of a serial killer, the emotional outcome of an impossible love or the incredible adventures of a retired octogenarian. Images that fascinate us like the ones from age fotostock



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Impressive architecture | age fotostock

People are the heart and soul of a city and buildings their modern habitat. Take time to observe the curves and lines of a city and you will discover amazing masterpieces. Contemplate the details and you will find hidden charm in the geometric contours.

Welcome structure and color into your sight with the age fotostock Architecture and Decoration collection.




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Caia Image collection: LIFE and perfection in photos | Available at age fotostock

Be it at work, at home or at leisure, we always have an image of perfection in our minds. Blending top-end production, creativity and contemporary style to offer you the ideal picture to communicate exactly what you need, the Caia Image collection is one of the best royalty free collections available to the creative industry today.

Distributed by age fotostock.



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